NO Topsoil Loss and Erosion

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Forestry Mulching  is a different  approach to clearing land.  No loss of topsoil and all that erosion.  

Want to clear the boundary,potential  spots for the house,road,a pond,etc? You know that  chipping and shredding all the limbs and small debris makes a neater job,but feeding that chipper by hand is slow and  tough .So we're promoting our  favorite machine service we call "TAZ".

   "TAZ" is a mulching,chipper,shredder unit

mounted on a rubber tracked,100hp Caterpillar

Compact Loader. (click for video)              (click to visit our client's "Crooked River Farm")

    Made by  FECON  in the U.S. it's called a “Bull Hog .
      It'll raise 10 feet high to trim limbs,vines, grind up to 6" dia. trees,rosebushes,hawthornes, Autumn Olive, and turn it into mulch on site.


      Clean up that Backyard leaving a layer of mulch .

With stumps flush with the ground you can drive or ride horses ,create walking and biking trails.

      Clear old fence rows, under powerlines, streamside, around mowing fields

      Ready to SURVEY but it's just too thick?  "TAZ" is the answer.

The consistency depends on how many passes you make.You can work around trees,buildings,getting as close as a couple inches.It's works great up and down on steep land,soft river bottoms,even cross yards and pavement with the rubber tracks..

 A 5 ft wide drum with 2 inch carbide teeth turning at 2000 rpm. (drum weighs over a ton) !
 It's great for that overgrown bramble with all that good cherry and locust

Rates are $150 per hour with an 4hr minimum and a one way travel charge for less than a full day.

CALL- John Sutherland @ 540-392-0318

            J.R.Sutherland  @  540-392-3601